About HeartWire

HeartWire aims at innovating the way we teach and learn about the world. We design seminars for young adults which do not only address their heads, but also their emotions, bodies and souls. We know that when these four “dimensions” are brought together, real transformation is possible. We use a large variety of ancient and cutting edge technologies ranging from Virtual Reality and Biofeedback to Fine Arts and Mindfulness. We partner with schools, NGO’s, foundations and any other entity as long as they share our wish for positive change. Our equation is simple: The better we know ourselves, the more empathy, resilience, care and cooperation we will bring into the world.


We believe that the skill that our humanity most needs in the 21st century is heart intelligence. We are both in shock and awe when we look at the world these days: While we see beautiful networks of inspiring and courageous changemakers spreading around the globe and information virtually accessible to all, we are facing severe dangers at the same time, such as the progressing climate change, terror, war, racism, water and food shortages or the manipulation of information and data.

We know that we can actively learn to become more loving human beings. So let’s do it. Let’s get started. And let’s use everything evolution has to offer to us on that matter – from the ancient wisdoms developed in monasteries to neurosciences, psychology and game design, to state of the art technologies developed in Silicon Valley.

For more details on our projects, thinking and findings visit our Website.