About this Blog

The HeartWire project has started and with it this blog went online. We are excited and full of hope, that this project will change perceptions on teaching and learning and the way we see the world around us. Awakening us and others to become more conscious and evolve as human beings. This Blog is one of three pillars the HeartWire project is based on. If you want to learn more about the project(s), the vision and the people behind it, visit our HeartWire Website.

This blog is dedicated to publishing recent results, ideas, topics from the HeartWire teaching and research. By doing so, we hope to spark in you the same passion that we feel, when we are designing new educational concepts that reintroduce body and mind for learning and living purposes.

HeartWire projects comprise and put to the test a large variety of ancient and cutting edge technologies ranging from Virtual Reality to Mindfulness. We employ these technologies, not because they are fancy or hip, but because we find them to be able to alter our states of consciousness by expanding our views and perceptions, thus eventually evolving our being human.

On a regular basis we will publish articles and podcast episodes,  providing insights into the vast fields of “Embodied Cognition“, “Embodied Learning” and “Embodied or Transcendence Technologies“. Thus, this blog will provide two things:

  1. Deep and practical insights for teachers, facilitators and educators aiming at enriching individual learning environments.
  2. Opening up the German education landscape and its discourses to the (scientific) dimensions of  “Embodied Learning” and “Embodied Technologies”.

We hope that all the contents to come, the findings we are going to make and our openness to share also very personal insights will inspire you and help you to take your individual teaching and learning to another level.

On languages

We are going to publish articles in two languages: German and English. Depending on the purpose and topic of the post. Posts that are evolving around German specifics, will of course be written in German, whereas posts relevant for an international audience will be published in English. We feel  this is adequate, because we want to contribute to a lively exchange of ideas and visions also on an international level.