2019 in Pictures

2019 has been an amazing year for us. We laughed. We cried. We exposed ourselves to new experiences. We grew as an organization. We met a variety of astonishing people. We failed. We succeeded. We went into the wild. We discovered new grounds. We pushed our own borders. We pioneered into unknown territory. We cracked wise jokes. We dropped pathetic wisdom. We learned to love deeper. We moved closer. We saw our projects scaling up and down. We missed opportunities and took chances. We risked our lives and gained adventures. We fought futile fights against ourselves and others. We drank. We fell. We hit rock bottom. Hard. We flew. High. We danced on top of the worlds built. We did all this together. With you. And now we are looking forward to a mind expanding 2020.

. And we did all this together with you. Thank you so much for a blessed year. May 2020 be equally exciting and overwhelming.


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