Sharing is Caring – The “Embodied Reality” Podcast

Time and again we are going to share with you articles, podcasts, videos, studies etc. which are inspiring our thoughts, contribute to our visions and spark our creativity. We don’t want to keep these treasures to ourselves, but share them with you.

The “Embodied Reality” Podcast by Crystal Beasley deals with the developments and ideas around Virtual Reality and Neurosciences – not only in an abstract but very immediate and practical way. This Episode, which we found to be amazingly precise and insightful, explores the ethics of transformation technologies (such as VR and other transcendence tech).

“VR is a powerful tool for rewiring brains. To responsibly wield that tool, we must first do no harm. Dr. Carole Griggs, PhD in human development, advises creators on how to be good stewards of people’s minds.”

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